Goofy Fun

Covid-19 Update
The information on this page describes our program prior to covid. Please note that our 2021 program is very likely to be modified to conform with guidelines that are not yet known.

All groups at camp have customized schedules specific to the age and gender of the campers involved, and no two days at camp are ever the same. Our goal is to keep your child engaged, active, and outdoors. That's why we fill each day with a variety of age-appropriate sports, games, and activities. Our format is a time tested and proven winner, with just the right mix of core activities (like soccer, dodgeball, arts & crafts, etc...) with a splash of auxiliary pastimes mixed in (like ping pong, badminton, etc...). At Champion, we believe that camp is the ultimate example of synergy; where all the fun days add up to create a greater, complete camper experience.

Good Morning
Each morning, your child's group will gather with their assigned counselor team to learn about the upcoming day. Then they'll participate in three scheduled activities with a snack break mixed in. One day they could start with ping pong or basketball, another day the morning might begin with a treasure hunt or handball game.

Lunch Time
Campers may enjoy a lunch brought from home or take advantage of camp's catered lunch service. A "Free-Play" period then follows in which campers may choose from several featured activities, try our daily camp contest, practice the tennis serve they learned that morning, or just enjoy a shady spot under a tree.

Groups get back together for a role call before starting three more fun activities that will take them through the end of the day. While some groups are off playing croquet, others may be running in a relay race or jumping rope.

See You Tomorrow!
Each day ends with a group meeting where the staff will re-enforce the positive aspects of the day and recognize individual campers for performance, effort, and attitude with awards. Everyone in the group will receive a frozen treat, because there's no better way to end a hot day at camp!

“Every day my kids tell me how much fun they have at camp, yet somehow every day is better than the one before. Thank you for giving such a wonderful camp experience to my son and daughter this summer!”

- Cristy B., Burlingame Parent

Camp Drop Off Window: 8:45 AM – 9:00 AM
Camp Activities: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Camp Pick Up Window: 3:00 PM – 3:15 PM

Three activity periods are featured in both the morning and the afternoon. A snack break is held each morning at 10:15 AM. Lunch starts at 11:50 AM and is followed by a free play period for the entire camp.

Champion will provide supervision for your child should you need to drop them off early or pick them up late. We manage our Extended Care program in a manner that is very different from most other camps. Please note:

  • At Champion, families do not "pre-pay" for blocks of of Extended Care time. Instead families are charged only for increments of time actually used.
  • Time is tracked on a per minute basis. The rate for this service is $0.16 per minute (which translates to $9.60 per hour) per child.
  • Extended Care use is tracked over the entire summer and updates will be sent out on a weekly basis. A payment for time used is not required until the end of summer.
  • This service is optional and can be used "On Demand" (with no prior notice) as needed.

Every Wednesday at camp will feature special events, which include field trips and onsite entertainment acts! These events provide incredible experiences for our campers and every detail for each event is meticulously thought out. Learn more

fabtastic fridays

Each Friday features a part fabulous and part fantastic camp-wide event designed to start your child's weekend with a bang! These special contests create a ton of excitement and include good old fashioned fun activities like hitting a counselor with a whipped cream pie or seeing who can launch a water balloon the farthest.