Most families sign up for two or three full weeks of camp at a time. However, customizable schedules (with specific dates of any duration and/or any combination of days) are available to all Champion families as desired. This flexibility will allow your family to create a "perfect fit" Champion schedule within the rest of your summer plans.

Daily Camp Schedule
Morning Extended Care: 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM
Camp Drop Off Window: 9:00 AM – 9:30 AM
Camp Activities: 9:30 AM – 3:30 PM
Camp Pick Up Window: 3:30 PM – 4:00 PM
Afternoon Extended Care: 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM

Pricing Information

At Champion, days at camp are purchased within "Plans". Each Plan is sold by the week and is specific to the child for whom it is purchased. Featured discounts are listed in the side-bar to the right and are not included in the prices listed below.

Champion Summer Camp 2017 Pricing

Plans (sold per week)

Price* Per Day Price*

5-Day Plan

$415 $83.00

4-Day Plan

$345 $86.25

3-Day Plan

$270 $90.00

2-Day Plan

$185 $92.50

1-Day Plan

$95 $95.00
*Additional fees for participation in field trips/specialized entertainment events and/or extended care may apply.

Some examples of schedules and corresponding plans include:

Session Schedule & Weekly Information

Champion is pleased to offer 10 weeks of camp this summer, which are broken down into three 3-week sessions (plus a bonus week from 8/14 - 8/18 that will contain a mix of some of our most popular activities). All weeks within a session have a unique set of games, field trips, and contests, thus there is always something to look forward to. For those who are able to do so, we suggest signing up for a full session from start-to-finish to get best Champion experience possible. However, if your summer plans only allow a week here or there, we will be sure to make any Champion time your family can fit in as special as possible!

Champion Summer Camp Session Schedule

Session 1

Welcome Week
Tournament Week
Olympic Week
6/12 - 6/16
6/19 - 6/23
6/26 - 6/30

Session 2

Welcome Week
Tournament Week
Olympic Week
7/5 - 7/7
7/10 - 7/14
7/17 - 7/21

Session 3

Welcome Week
Tournament Week
Olympic Week
7/24 - 7/28
7/31 - 8/4
8/7 - 8/11

Bonus Week

Bonus Week 8/14 - 8/18

Even Better The Second Time Around!

If you'd like to give your child several weeks of healthy outdoor activity this summer, we invite you to consider additional time at Champion. Every session has a unique "personality", and we find that campers have just as much fun (if not more) on their second or third time through. Don't forget that you will save 10% on any extra weeks you sign up for through our Additional Plan Discount (described above).

“I've crunched the numbers and have confirmed that Champion is hands down the best summer camp deal around. Competitive rates, flexible scheduling, and hefty discounts make Champion the ultimate value play. Most importantly, all three of my kids absolutely had the best time at camp, and that alone makes Champion worth every penny!”

- Jen N., San Mateo Parent

Any family that purchases multiple plans will save 10% on each plan of equal or lesser value than the highest cost plan purchased. This offer will be to your benefit if:

  • Your child participates in multiple weeks at camp.
  • You are sending more than one child to camp.

For your convenience, we provide staff supervision for your child should you need to drop them off early or pick them up late (see times above). The rate for this service is $2.50 per fifteen minute increment ($10.00 per hour). Time will be tracked and a bill will be sent to you at session's end. Families are charged ONLY for increments of time used. This service is optional and requires no prior arrangement. Families who use this service for more than one child will get a 50% discount on time accrued by each child after the first.

Field Trp Schedule

Every Wednesday, the entire camp will be treated to a field trip or a special onsite entertainment act! Additional fees are charged for these special events to cover:

  • All ticket & entertainment costs
  • Chartered bus transportation
  • Snack, lunch, refreshments, and dessert
  • Additional event supervision

Fees are charged per event as follows:

  • $15 - Magic Show & Balloon Twisting (onsite event)
  • $20 - The Beach
  • $20 - Bowling
  • $25 - Sky High Sports Trampoline Park
  • $30 - Raging Waters

Click here for detailed information about these terrific camp events.

A wide variety of sports, games, arts & crafts, field trips, and special camp contests gives Champion Summer Camp an especially unique camp format. Our diverse activities maximize fun and deliver a memorable experience to campers. Click here to see a list of activities offered at camp (under "Let's Play").

To keep all campers engaged, we customize each group's schedule by both age and gender. And while the schedule for 5 year old girls is very different from the one for 12 year old boys, both groups feel part of "something bigger" by being part of the unique camp environment we offer.

fabtastic fridays

Each Friday features a part fabulous and part fantastic camp-wide event designed to start your child's weekend with a bang! These special contests create a ton of excitement and include good old fashioned fun activities like hitting a counselor with a whipped cream pie or seeing who can launch a water balloon the farthest.

  • A customized age and gender specific schedule that that features happy and healthy summer activity including sports, games, field trips, arts & crafts, theme days, special camp contests and more!
  • A 7-hour camp day (from 9 AM - 4 PM) that includes all equipment and supplies for each activity
  • A 6.5 to 1 (camper to staff) supervision ratio (our supervision ratio drops to 5 to 1 when including our CIT volunteers)
  • Additional supervision, lunch (with drink, snack & dessert), specialized entertainment/transportation/tickets on all Wednesdays (additional fees apply)
  • A popsicle at the end of every day
  • Online access to camp photos and videos (updated daily)
  • A Champion Summer Camp jersey
  • An end-of-session award