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2024 Important Note
Champion Summer Camp will be closed in 2024 due to construction on the West Hillsborough School campus. Champion will be back in action in Summer 2025!

Designed with Olympic spirit in mind, our camp promotes effort and teamwork above winning and losing. It's an environment where your child will feel comfortable, safe, and confident. Where they can count on friendly play, consistent values, and appropriate supervision at all times. Regardless of the final score in any game played, every camper is made to feel proud of their efforts. The friendly and positive atmosphere at camp sets up our participants for success regardless of their personality type or athletic ability. Our goal is to send away all Champion campers with a memory-filled enriching experience.


Dedicated & Motivated Staff

All Champion Staff members are carefully screened and have athletic experience at the highschool/competitive club level. Over 90% of the staff return to camp for more than 1 summer, and nearly all new hires come from our Counselor In Training Program. Thus, every single staff member has previous Champion experience (over 5 years on average). This deep history ensures that the staff will work diligently to give campers the same great experiences that they themselves had.


Positive Encouragement

Our staff creates a supportive environment by frequently conducting counselor-led group discussions, which are always held with a "positive" focus. By consistently discussing and promoting the best examples of camper behavior, a foundation of important values is set within the social dynamic for each group at camp. This establishes a camp-wide atmosphere dedicated to sportsmanship, teamwork, and cooperation - instead of winning just to win.


Top Notch Supervision

Three directors (one of whom is also the camp owner) are onsite at all times and there is approximately 1 staff member for every 6.5 campers. This ratio far exceeds industry standards and ensures that proper supervision is in place at all times. Additional support is provided through our Counselor In Training Program. Our supervision ratio is 1 to 5 when including these trained and motivated volunteers.


Athletic & Social Development

Our belief is that kids "learn by playing". The diverse set of sports offered at Champion provides a unique opportunity for generalized skill development. As such, our counselors approach each day with a teacher's mentality, helping your child to develop athletically as well as socially. Having fun is a priority for all camp participants, however, rules, fundamental techniques, and social skills are all also constantly promoted. Your child might only tell you about all the fun they are having at camp, but they are actually part of a growth experience that includes much more.


Commitment To Health & Safety

All groups at camp are led by an Executive Counselor who is certified in CPR and first aid, and every staff member has training and expertise in all games and equipment featured at camp. Each group also takes several breaks a day to drink water and apply sunscreen (if needed).

“At Champion Summer Camp, we believe that friendly play is necessary to having fun. Teaching good sportsmanship is at the heart of our philosophy, and something that sets us apart.”

- Tony Basso, Executive Director

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is second to none! Confirmation of our status as a premier summer recreation program includes:

  • Our large base of enthusiastic families who keep returning to camp year after year after year.
  • Awarded Best Summer Day Camp on the Peninsula by Bay Area Parent Magazine, Parents Press, and Hillsborough Business Recognition.
  • An average experience rating of 4.9 out of 5 (on Yelp, Facebook, and Google Reviews)
  • An A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.
  • The smiles we get to see every day on our happy campers' faces!

We take tremendous pride in the achievements listed above. Our promise is to never get complacent and to remain committed to keep both parents and campers smiling for years to come!

The owner of Champion Summer Camp is Tony Basso, who is also the Executive Director. He is onsite every day and involved in all aspects of camp. Learn more about Tony

An ideal facility for summer activity, the West Hillsborough School campus has all the field space, basketball courts, baseball diamonds, handball courts, playgrounds, and multi-purpose rooms that a camp could ever need to provide your child with a remarkable summer experience.

We do our best to capture the special moments that are constantly occurring at camp. We post our photos and videos regularly so that you can enjoys these moments with your child which we hope will provide terrific memories for years to come.

We are proud of our partnership with the Hillsborough School District & Recreation Department. As witnesses to the incredible standards and awards achieved within the Hillsborough community, we are reminded and inspired to strive for excellence.

Champion Summer Camp is committed to support worthy causes and has donated generously to school districts, youth support groups, programs of inclusion, and other charitable entities in the area.